Mark Melter

Mark (whirlwind bear) Melter has been a supporter and advocate for the Lakota Oglala people since 2013. He was the co-founder of “The People’s House”. Mark initiated building development projects, clothing, food and school supply missions for the Porcupine District on the Pine Ridge reservation. Mark is a registered Lakota Oglala. His grandmother Bernice McGaa was born on Pine Ridge. He formed Mark Harrison Inc, a for-profit company, DBA Metropolis in 1994 to present and is currently serving as its President. In 2015 Mark and co-founder Bill Bremer launched LEAP Lakota Educational Advancement Program.


“I have come to realize we have a greater purpose in life and that is to serve those who are the disadvantaged”

“No one in the United States should be living in third world poverty”

Hopelessness, poverty and despair is a daily reality for Native Peoples on Pine Ridge Reservation!


“Secondary education for the children is the key to ending the cycle of poverty”


whamne omne mato

whirl wind bear

President-Lakota Education Advancement Program

William J Bremer

As a child I grew up off the reservation in the rural community of Cannon Falls, MN.
My mother was born, raised and attended Boarding school on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
While growing up I knew I was native /Lakota, but never really connected to my heritage until later in life when I began to discover the "Red Road", the Lakota ceremonies and way of life, both on and off the reservations.
These discoveries taught me many valuable life lessons and introduced me to the many plights the Lakota people deal with daily on Pine Ridge.

In 2006, after retiring from the Saint Paul, MN Police Department, my siblings and I began to annually gather and deliver items of need for the youth and elderly of Pine Ridge; clothing, bedding, foods, school supplies, gardening supplies and Christmas presents.

In 2014, Nephew Mark Melter became involved and quickly accepted and adapted to the "Warriors Way"; helping, caring and doing for the people.
This resulted in the creation of LEAP.
Education will be the item / the tool to help make positive changes as an individual, a community and society.

We invite you to join LEAP in making a difference.
It's Doable.

Co-Founder and Director of L.E.A.P.- Registered Oglala Sioux Tribal member (OST) of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation , Pine Ridge, SD.

Jennifer Hill

Jennifer is an attorney with experience in energy, administrative and environmental law.  She has worked with firms in Washington, D.C. and Denver, Colorado on a variety of regulatory and federal permitting matters.  She has academic, professional and volunteer experience in the non-profit sector, and in 2014 completed a Certificate in Sustainability Management at the University of Colorado.  Jennifer is passionate about all aspects--social, environmental and economic--of building a sustainable planet, and is excited to be working to expand Native education opportunities as part of LEAP.  

Cindy Diamond

Cindy Diamond is a consultant who provides LEAP with assistance in strategic planning.

Cindy is a marketing strategy and innovation consultant with expertise in facilitating collaborative process. Cindy has over 20 years of business and marketing experience. Cindy founded the consultancy, IGNiTE, in 1999 to combine her passion for marketing, insight and innovation with her skills in facilitating collaborative processes.  You can learn more about Cindy at

Braaden Melter

Braeden Melter is a registered Native Lakota Oglala. He has spent the last 4 years serving in the Army. Braeden is a certified IT professional. He has a wide range of experience with project management and project development. In 2016 Braeden became involved with the Lakota LEAP program having compassion for Native education advancement.

Project Development Contributor

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