What We Do


The Lakota Education Advancement Project (LEAP) works to empower indigenous communities to break the cycle of poverty and to build and sustain prosperity by promoting educational opportunities for Lakota youth.


Currently, LEAP works with schools on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to provide needed supplies through annual or semi-annual donation drives.  Through this process we are building relationships and knowledge that will enable us to address not only short-term material needs, but also undertake future projects that will support Pine Ridge schools in expanding opportunities for their students.


In the 2-5 year timeframe, LEAP will develop programs to encourage indigenous children to embrace continued education after graduation from high school.  One such program will provide opportunities for indigenous youth to tour local colleges and technical schools and meet with other indigenous students who are pursuing post-secondary educational opportunities.   The goal of the program is to reach students early in their high school years and provide both motivation and information so students will see continuing their education as an attainable option and be better prepared when they reach college.  

LEAP anticipates funding these programs through public donations as well as grants.  LEAP will carefully track educational and employment outcomes for students who participate in these programs to ensure its charitable mission is being fulfilled and to provide accountability to donors.

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